The Monkey Square Team:

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Surt Lim
(Writer & Founder)
Surt's passion for manga and anime led her to create Monkey Square, a company of fellow manga enthusiasts intent on creating high quality, original manga-style graphic novels for publication in the US, Japan and rest of the world.

Surt has been writing for as long as she could remember and is passionate about creating stories of worlds filled with vivid beauty and characters that touch the hearts of the readers.

Hirofumi Sugimoto (Artist)
Hirofumi Sugimoto is a talented, versatile illustrator and manga artist from Yokohama, Japan. He is currently working on creating "Kasumi", Monkey Square's first Shojo manga series to be published in Fall 2008 by Del Rey Manga. Sugimoto-san had initially worked on Monkey Square's first project - "Hanabi", a Josei manga series, that was placed on hold for "Kasumi". His other experiences include working with Kodansha, Idea Factory and Wrench Studio.

Sugimoto-san has always loved drawing and manga since he was a child. His love for the medium is shown through his beautiful characters that he creates and the feelings that he convey in the dramatic scenes that come alive through his stylus.

You can view Sugimoto-san's work at:

Harumi Ueno (Translator)
Based in Tokyo, Harumi Ueno is instrumental in the MonkeySquare team. Harumi-san is the bridge between the writer and the artist, ensuring a smooth flow of translated work and communication in the completion of project milestones. She, like the rest of the Monkey Square team, is a life-long manga enthusiast and provides knowledge into the Japanese culture and valuable comments in the manga creation process.

Stanley Adrianus (Art Director & Editor)
The most unassuming member of the team. He brings the team together and ensures the chapter's storyline and art follows the overall theme of the series and art style. He provides the critical insights and suggestions to polish the story and art to its highest potential.